1. Buried Piping Innovation Initiative

            Bruce Power believes that innovation is essential in order to achieve project success.? We invite you to share your innovative ideas for the inspection, protection, rehabilitation, or replacement of buried piping, supported by a business case.? Should one or several of your ideas be selected, Bruce Power’s team will explore whether such ideas qualify for innovation funding in the next phase of the project.

            Potential Innovation Collaborators in receipt of this RFII are invited to submit a response to this RFII, in the format prescribed in Section 8.2 (the “Response”). Please review the full RFII document for complete details.

            Responses are required no later than 5 p.m. EST on May 8, 2020.?

            By submitting a Response to this RFII, the Potential Innovation Collaborator confirms agreement with the terms of this RFII.?

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